NEW! Colour Enhancing Shampoo’s Now Available!

K9 Competition have been working hard over a long period of time to add a range of colour enhancing shampoos to this already fantastic product line. They have received a number of requests to develop more products, particularly, shampoo’s for white and black coats. After developing several different formulations they finally sent the products for evaluation. It has been shown that K9 Blackness and Whiteness has surpassed the initial expectations and the test results have shown that after only 2 washes there was a significant difference in the coats colour.

K9 Whiteness does not contain optical brighteners or bleach additives, it’s the unique feature and powerful cleansing capacity that whitens the coat without drying out the skin or coat.

K9 Blackness active ingredients consist of carefully selected natural pigments which gently neutralizes discolouration.

K9 Whiteness and Blackness Shampoos are available now from all good stockists. They come in 300ml, 2.7L and 5.7L bottles.

2 thoughts on “NEW! Colour Enhancing Shampoo’s Now Available!

  1. Can you tell where I can buy the whitening shampoo from mail order as I’m in southern Ireland.
    Thank you
    could get it delivered to Belfast which is UK if IRL a problem.