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I have been using the K9 Competition Shampoo, Conditioner and Nano Mist for over five months now, so I have given them a good trial on my two police working dogs and my pet dog. I have a Black Labrador, Chocolate Labrador and a English Springer Spaniel. My working dogs get very dirty, more so the Springer Spaniel and they have to work amongst the public, who all want to fuss them. I have always used the MIKKI range of shampoo and conditioners but now, having used the K9 Competition range, I have noticed a big difference in the condition of all my dogs coats and skin. The Aloe Vera works very well and the dogs look and smell great for much longer. The K9 Nano Mist works very well on my police working dog Billy, the English Springer Spaniel, making him very easy to brush and tangle free leaving the coat gleaming. The K9 Conditioner is thick and creamy and your own hands even feel soft after using it on the dog. It gives the coat a fantastic and beautiful lustre. The K9 Shampoo is very economical, you only have to use a small amount because it goes such a long way and is easy to rinse out. My Police working dog Benson a Black Labrador suffers from Wet Eczema but since using the K9 products he has been fine with no signs of the Wet Eczema. The only item that i have not tried is the K9 Competition Silk and Shine. Having owned dogs for over 35 year, I can highly recommend the products I have used to keep your dog not only looking and smelling great but being much healthier. I will look forward to trying out the Silk and Shine…

Graham Rowlstone
Police Dog Handler

I just love the stuff! I think I have tried nearly every product on the market and yours is by far the best. Wish I would have found you earlier, I would not have cut my black boys coat off. Keep up the good work, as you have cut my grooming time down and my boy looks fantastic!!! Again thanks for bringing out such a great product. I have really noticed the improvement on my boys coat. I highly recommend K9, but then I want to keep it a secret so my boy stands out in the ring. Keep up the good work!

Kelly Kennedy

I’ve been using K9 competition products for a couple of months now on my show poodles and have been extremely pleased with the results. They clean well, smell nice but not over the top, and leave the coat in great condition. I always use the shampoo and conditioner whether it’s just a maintenance bath or for a show. If I h…ave a particularly brittle coat then I will also use the nano spray through the mane as I dry the coat to prevent it breaking. I love that I don’t get wads of hair in the brush at the end of the drying like I used to with other products. It just makes the brush and comb glide through the hair effortlessly. I also use the nano spray for grooming in between baths as I don’t like to dry brush. I always used to cringe if I had to brush the coat between baths knowing I would loose a little coat each time but not anymore…. I know I only have to spray the nano mist through and brush without feeling like I’m doing more harm than good. The nano mist is great for grooming through topknots and ears before rapping as it doesn’t leave the coat greasy so therefore does not snap the rubber bands. I also find it a magic cure to the poodle who had got caught in the rain and gone curly….. I leave mine to dry, spray a little nano mist and blow dry through, only takes 10 minutes to straighten out the coat without having a full bath… brilliant! I now use nothing else on my show coats, just K9 competition!